Domain registration alternatives

From: Shane Sacobie <>
Date: Wed 2 Feb 2000 18:51:03 -0800
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) As time goes on, it seems as though Network Solutions
just gets to be a worse place to register domains (and
the renewal process... don't even get me started on
that). At first, I stuck with it because it was the
only game in town. I then stuck with it because it was
the first, largest, and most established. However, with
increased problems and competition, looking elsewhere
is something I now believe I'll have no choice but to

Rather than getting into my specific problems with NSI,
I can sum it up in something easily related to (I'm
sure many of you have had similar experiences and can
identify to at least an extent). Looking at NSI in a
couple simple equations, it's easy to see the problem.
Too big + Too fast - Quantity of employees necessary to
maintain growth = Decreased customer service, and
Oldest + Largest (forming a strong brand name) =
Highest price. Unfortunately, these don't exactly sit
with me as being kosher, as I'd hope Highest price =
Increased customer service, but it winds up being
moreso that Highest price = Brand name - customer
service (where customer service is 0).

With the dozens of new registrars springing up, I'm
hoping there's a better alternative. Has anyone had any
positive experiences with the newer registrars? Any
negative experiences? I basically am just looking for
someone whose customer service is good (price isn't a
big issue, though I know almost everyone else is at
least the same, and at most significantly lower)... or
at least won't potentially cost me business
opportunities (I'm no longer confident NSI can even
fulfill that requirement).

Look forward to your input.

Shane Sacobie

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Received on Wed Feb 02 2000 - 20:51:03 CST


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