Re: Page View Counts

From: Peter Matsuo <>
Date: Tue 4 Apr 2000 08:18:39 -0400

> With regard to the posts about differing page counts
> lately, does anyone out there have documentation on
> their site about how the counts are done by differing
> sites/systems? There have been multiple references to
> ad servers, how to generate your own, etc.

We also have experienced differences between our logs
and those of a very large and popular ad server. After
many dead ends, we finally discovered the problem was
nesting in the page code. Some of today's browsers
cannot handle more than four layers of nesting without
multiple reloads. For example, In Netscape
Communicator 4.x, one of our pages was loading 14
times!! Of course, we were counting each of these
loads, while the ad server was not. Many of these were
occurring so quickly that there wasn't enough time for
the network connection. Now that our nesting has been
reduced, our log files match up. I hope this can help.

Best Regards,
Peter Matsuo
Marketing Coordinator

Received on Tue Apr 04 2000 - 07:18:39 CDT


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