Re: Outsourced email and eMarketing Options

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Tue 4 Apr 2000 13:09:39 -0700

> I am interested in outsourcing some outbound email and
> eMarketing campaigns (of course, everything is opt-in)
> for several clients. ...
> From what I have seen, my options appear to include
> (and probably a handful of others not listed):
> ====================================================
> - messagemedia
> - clickaction
> - annuncio
> - exactis
> - digitalimpact
> Has anyone used these service providers before and what
> has the experience been like from both a technical and
> a human standpoint -- i.e., can you get a human on the
> phone who can help you?

I use Messagemedia for the FrankelBiz list and I can
tell you that overall, it's great. The backend is so
manageable and easy to use; loaded with advanced
functions, too. If you're a serious player, I would
strongly recommend you tour their Unity Mail product.
It really is what every mail management solution
should strive to be, IMHO.

While they were merging with Revnet there were a couple
of bumps in the road, but I must say that their
Customer Service has always been good -- real humans,
nice people, extended hours, always helpful and
willing to work out any problems right there in real
time. In the two years I've been with them, I only
had one bad experience with a CSR that was clearly not
cut out for the job -- and she evaporated reeeeeeally
quickly from the scene.

> What are the downside risks to this?

The only downside is that MM can be pricey. Not for
everyone. But from a pro point of view, they're
really tough to beat.

Rob Frankel,
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