Re: Outsourced email and eMarketing Options

From: Stacy Williams <>
Date: Wed 5 Apr 2000 13:41:46 -0400

> I am interested in outsourcing some outbound email and
> eMarketing campaigns (of course, everything is opt-in)
> for several clients. ...


I recently researched a large number of opt-in email
providers. In fact, I had also asked for help from
this group and got a lot of great responses.

I think your challenge is going to be in finding a
provider interested in working with you for the
campaigns falling into the smaller quantity ranges
(that was my challenge as well). I found that
DoubleClick's DARTmail and were more than
happy to work with us even at small quantities (and
they both handle large quantities too). DARTmail was a
more affordable option for us -- for some unknown
reason I can't find information on DoubleClick's Web
site about it, but you can contact Dean Baetzhold at or 303-494-0814 x 327.
Christine Robinson at Responsys
(, 312.587.0590) was also very
helpful. You'll probably get a flood of suggestions
(and sales calls!) from other providers happy to handle
higher volume demands, as well.

Permission list rental companies, in addition to
Postmaster Direct, include YesMail, TargitMail, and
PennMedia (latter is mostly newsletter subscribers). I
think Matchlogic may fall into this category too.

By the way, in doing my research, I found it very
difficult to discern exactly what services each company
provides -- even after reading their literature and
visiting their Web sites. It seems that they're all
promoting opt-in email to the uninformed, rather than
communicating exactly what niche (within the opt-in
email marketing field) their company is in and how it's
different from their competitors. So that's my two
cents for any email marketing providers out there!

Stacy Williams
Director of Marketing
Kilgannon McReynolds
Smart advertising for the e-world and the real world
404.876.2800 x111

Received on Wed Apr 05 2000 - 12:41:46 CDT


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