Re: Outsourced email and eMarketing Options

From: Diana Tamblyn <>
Date: Wed 5 Apr 2000 13:47:39 -0400

> I am interested in outsourcing some outbound email and
> eMarketing campaigns (of course, everything is opt-in)
> for several clients. ...

I went through an extensive process to select the right
outsourced email marketing company that would meet my
company's needs.

The decision came down between and I ended up going with FloNetwork
because their rates were more competitive but more
importantly because they have the best tracking and
reporting currently available on the market.

They have been signing some big clients lately like
Cnet, Barnes & Noble & The only thing that
could be considered a downside is that we had to sign a
one-year contract. We have been using their services
for a number of our company newsletters since January
and I have been extremely happy with the service. I can
access the stats in real-time, and you are assigned a
client services person who is readily available and is
very savvy in email marketing.

A company who I have worked with for list rentals is
Axciom Direct, and I had a good experience dealing with

Hope this helps you out!

Diana Tamblyn
Marketing Specialist

Received on Wed Apr 05 2000 - 12:47:39 CDT


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