Re: Internet advertising versus Direct Mail

From: Diana Swenson <>
Date: Wed 5 Apr 2000 16:38:36 -0700

> I'd like to appeal to our members who come from a
> direct marketing background and are using the Internet
> for marketing opportunities. I'm dealing with a client
> has a direct mail background. They are considering the
> switch to do Internet advertising but want to know what
> the benefits are versus traditional Direct mail.
> Thoughts, please? Have there been any studies published
> on this?

Hi Ilona,

I may be fairly atypical because I deal with a "nich"
market. But I used to do direct mailing (65,000) and
now I am trying to combine this with internet
marketing. My website is not doing well at all (you
probably have seen my pleads for help).

I have to keep this fact in mind: at the present most
of my clients said that they came to me through my
reputation or through the bulk mailing. Less then 10%
said they found me through the web.

But most of them said that after they saw the mailer
they went online to get more details about the courses.

So, I just don't know how much effort I should put into
the web. I have not made great in-roads.\

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