Re: Internet advertising versus Direct Mail

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Thu 6 Apr 2000 21:27:19 -0700

> I'd like to appeal to our members who come from a
> direct marketing background and are using the Internet
> for marketing opportunities. I'm dealing with a client
> has a direct mail background. They are considering the
> switch to do Internet advertising but want to know what
> the benefits are versus traditional Direct mail.
> Thoughts, please? Have there been any studies published
> on this?

One thing you may want to keep in mind if you make the
transition -- and this is the hardest part to accept
emotionally -- is that the web is far more accurate
than the offline models. Whereas with offline models,
you shotgun a blast in hopes of netting a few, the web
allows you to narrow your shot and pick up the same or

You have to get used to the notion that you're shooting
for quality, not quantity. Or as I've written in my
book (okay, plug, but it's there, I swear it): in
direct mail, people think a 2% response is great. I
tend to look at it as 98% waste.

I'd rather have lower quantity and higher quality.

So stop thinking in huge numbers for low percentages
and start thinking in terms of absolutes. You'll see
the picture in much clearer focus.

Rob Frankel,
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