Re: Selling Banner Ads

From: Richard Kies <>
Date: Fri 7 Apr 2000 09:49:24 -0600

> I have been selling banners on the web for three years
> on a website targeted at the agriculture
> advice would be to start with selling directly to
> potential advertisers, while at the same time
> cultivating good relationships with ad agencies.

> Do you find that contacting these advertisers via email
> works or are cold calls more effective? I must admit
> I'm a coward about cold calls. I don't have any sales
> background.

To Rebecca Otis,

The best approach, IMHO and based on personal
experience, is to make the first sales call by
phone...I think the days of knocking on doors is "old
school" and smacks of photocopier sales (no offense
here, I used to be one myself). Start with a phone
call to introduce yourself and your company, then you
can use e-mail to follow-up...once you have established
a contact, then ask for the face-to-face meeting if
needed. Despite all this wonderful techonology, nothing
beats "belly-to-belly" meetings for closing sales.

It's not surprising that you're finding minimal success
with an ad network, because they can't reproduce one
quality that I'm sure you possess - passion! If you
are passionate about your site, passionate about your
vision and you can translate that passion to your
advertisers, you will have a much higher success rate
than any network could achieve.

If you are really strapped for time, you might consider
hiring an assistant or junior marketing person who
could do the "legwork" of researching potential
advertisers, even tracking down contact names and
numbers...but you likely want to keep doing the actual
"selling" process yourself.

The fact you have no sales background is actually a
good thing...advertisers don't buy the best pitch,
rather they "buy" you, your passion, your site, and the
benefits it can bring to them. As long as you can
clearly articulate these things, you'll do fine.

Best of luck!


Richard Kies

Marketing and Communications Ph: (306) 789-2908 Fax: (306) 789-7630 - Where Agriculture Means Business

Received on Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:49:24 CDT


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