Re: Internet advertising versus Direct Mail

From: MABourgeois/JSilverman <>
Date: Sat 8 Apr 2000 14:50:51 -0400

> I'd like to appeal to our members who come from a
> direct marketing background and are using the Internet
> for marketing opportunities. I'm dealing with a client
> has a direct mail background. They are considering the
> switch to do Internet advertising but want to know what
> the benefits are versus traditional Direct mail.
> Thoughts, please? Have there been any studies published
> on this?

> One thing you may want to keep in mind if you make the
> transition -- and this is the hardest part to accept
> emotionally -- is that the web is far more accurate
> than the offline models. Whereas with offline models,
> you shotgun a blast in hopes of netting a few, the web
> allows you to narrow your shot and pick up the same or
> more.
> You have to get used to the notion that you're shooting
> for quality, not quantity. Or as I've written in my
> book (okay, plug, but it's there, I swear it): in
> direct mail, people think a 2% response is great. I
> tend to look at it as 98% waste.
> I'd rather have lower quantity and higher quality.

Now let me try to respond to both of you, because a
targeted e-mail campaign could satisfy both Ilona's and
Rob's concerns.

Rob is, I believe, correct when he says that typical
direct mail is a shotgun blast, not a rifle shot. And
he's also correct in pointing out that there's a waste
factor of some 98% with direct mail.

Nonetheless, Ilona has a client who traditionally is a
direct mailer, so that client must see that medium as a
positive force.

Targeted, subscription e-mail can provide you with an
approach that's similar to direct mail, Ilona, but with
a huge increase in response. Subscription e-mail, by
its very nature, creates "target market groups" through
both its subscription process and the selection, by the
subscriber, of the type of information each subscriber
wants to receive from the mailer. You can gain
additional definition by asking each subscriber for
some basic demographic/psychographic information as
they subscribe. It's very quick and just as easy.

With our software program, Informz (,
the subscriber then selects the most convenient way to
accept your information - desktop, laptop, fax,
alphanumeric device - and the software takes your
content, then formats it to your specs and "look" and
mails it to the subscriber. Every e-mail carries your
brand. And it's not "spam" because folks choose to
receive it.

Studies show that targeted e-mail is desired, read and
produces response rates estimated at 25%, with some
studies indicating rates as high as 40%.

A variety of recent articles call targeted e-mail then
next big marketing tool. Think about it - you get to
personalize the message by interest, which enables you
to build one-to-one relationships, which leads to
greater interest and greater sales.

It's all the best parts of direct mail with a much
higher return. And it may be an option to help your
client understand the process of this type of Internet
advertising and the benefits of advertising on the 'Net
versus more traditional media.

Good luck.

Jay Silverman, Director of Marketing
Visionary Software Solutions

Received on Sat Apr 08 2000 - 13:50:51 CDT


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