Re: Advertising agencies

From: Adrienne Kramer <>
Date: Tue 25 Apr 2000 06:59:50 EDT

Hi everyone,

I have been following this theme for a few days. The
one item I have noticed is that the authors have taken
a client -- vendor relationship to ad agencies in
these notes. While the fee structure continues to
evolve with ad agencies and the advertisers, the one
thing that has improved is the relationship that these
two organizations share. Rather than subservient --
the relationship is a mutual goal of trying to get the
best awareness and communication together.

To that end, much has changed in the price/reward
system. Many have gone on a percentage basis. This is
really a difficult system for both "sides". The fee
plus system has evolved as media plans and the 15% that
is derived from them tends to decrease markedly in the
fourth quarter of anyone's annual budget. So,
agencies are always out of luck in fourth quarter.
That's not fair to them. And, it doesn't make for a
sound relationship.

No matter the vehicle, we all want great creative that
gets noticed. How to properly partner with an agency
is to have open communications about your ideas and
short and long term plans. Share successes and missed
opportunities so that they can be more aware of your
business needs, not just a single aspect of the
business. If an agency truly feels part of the
process, then it can deliver better results for you.

Adrienne Kramer
ASK Management
Management Consultants in Marketing and Communications

Received on Tue Apr 25 2000 - 05:59:50 CDT


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