Re: Valuation

From: Steve Johnston <>
Date: Wed 26 Apr 2000 08:14:10 -0700 (PDT)

> I am putting together a business plan for a
> start-up (good timing, huh) and I
> am trying to estimate the value of my audience
> to advertisers.


One of the ifrst things to look at is the profile of
the people that your site will most likely attract.
What will be the demographics that your content will
attract? Teenagers? Men? Investors? Game

Once you know whom your site will attract and then how
many of those people, you can attach a better value to
the ad space that you will have available on the
various pages on your site.

Using a sign-up screen to gain free access to your
contnet, you can collect even more specific
information. The key here is offering visitors enough
value that they will be willing to give you this
information. Once you have that information, you can
specifically target ads and promotions to your
visitors. Personalizing their experience on your site
and adding value to your advertisers campaigns in the

The best way to leverage all of this information to the
fullest is by using an ad-serving software or service
to target, deliver and report on the performance of
your advertisers' campaigns.

Steve Johnston
Technology Marketing Manager
Real Media, Inc.

Received on Wed Apr 26 2000 - 10:14:10 CDT


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