Re: Banner mgmt software/CentralAd

From: wayne browning <>
Date: Wed 26 Apr 2000 20:22:38 +0500

> I am curious to know if anyone on this list has had
> experience with CentralAd banner mgmt software and if
> they migrated to a different solution?

> We are working on banner software right now. What
> features do you like the most, what would you like
> added to what you have, etc.?
> (Anybody can chime in here....)
> Are you looking to run software on your own server, or
> are you looking for a banner service?

1. On the software's features:

One that will reliably serve ads of various sizes, also
able to serve other formats, like Enliven, flash, java,
text banners. Most important is the accurate
accounting of impressions/clicks on banners. Would be
nice to have a report on where the click came from.
Stats should be available to the administrator as well
as the individual banner clients in real time per
banner as some have several running concurrently. Keep
it simple but efficient.

2. On the server side:

As an experienced banner ad delivery network, we also
know that the demand and processing issues are of
paramount importance, in fact taking precedence over
features. Safeguards against "ghost processes"
interrupted processes must be addressed. Earlier
versions or attempts at designing banner ad software
sometimes neglected to look at the demand on a server
it can create. Some sites deliver thousands of pages
per hour each with several banners creating quite a
number of on-going processes and slowing down page and
ad delivery. It seems rare that the software creator
ever specifies the requirements on the hardware end and
this issue is one where we lost tens of thousands of
dollars in the early going.

I think you will find that the ad delivery software
market is looking for reliability , a publishers' site
cannot be adversely affected by it and it must add to
the site rather than tax it's delivery resources. This
is critical. Give me software that can deliver banners
ads, count the impressions and clicks within 90%
accuracy, that will not bring my server to it's knees
and keep the cost down under $1000.00 and soon you will
have a product many will migrate too:-)

oh and SUPPORT, SUPPORT! Too many times it's a 3 man
operation and soon cannot handle the onslaught of
inquiries a "large new client" user base will generate.
Central Ad I believe suffers this fate, too few too
handle too many and well.....seems to have a pretty
negative affect.

Thanks for asking first, a step in the right direction
I believe.

Wayne Browning
Homepagers E-Publishing

Received on Wed Apr 26 2000 - 10:22:38 CDT


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