Re: Flash in the pan

From: Patricia Philips <>
Date: Thu 27 Apr 2000 16:49:14 GMT

Thanks for all of the feedback. I still think that
only using flash technology for an "intro screen" or
"splash page" is a mistake. Generally, most of these
a slow in terms of download time and offer very little
information about the company, product or service I am
interested in. All it tells this user is "we spent
money on this because lots of other companies have
some flash on their site."

I only disagree with one respondent thus far. They
mentioned that large companies who can afford more
than modems for Internet access can use flash and
everyone is happy. You must remember that even in B2B
sometimes B people are looking at things from
home...via modem.

And for the few who have mentioned being able to
develop quick loading cool flash presentations, I'd
love a url or two to see them. I'm curious. Perhaps
that is the real problem out there. Not too many
developers know how to make this flashy stuff where it
is skinny in terms of kbps and almost even more
importantly where it is flashy but Functional.

Received on Thu Apr 27 2000 - 11:49:14 CDT


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