Re: Website Analysis

From: wayne browning <>
Date: Fri 12 May 2000 21:09:22 +0500

> Operating on an initial somewhat limited budget, I am
> struggling to find an optimal means of online
> advertising that can generate a decent return on our
> investment. Thus far, I have concentrated my efforts
> on banner advertising on high-traffic sites who's
> audience best fit our target market. I am considering
> "renting" an opt-in email list next month. I have also
> been contacted by a firm specializing in the exchange
> of opt-in email addresses. For some reason, I have a
> tough time committing to exchanging emails generated
> from our site (albeit, opted-in) for a third party's
> opt-in emails.

I would begin investigating an affiliate program, a
model based on CT + commission may be just the answer.
Driving traffic to your site, in the way you are
currently doing it may be a (not entirely but to a
large degree) futile excersise.

First off your site, although nicely done, is a
"retailing site" and the trouble with retailing sites
is that they offer no other reason than ecommerce to
visit. Expecting a purchase by a one time visitor is
rather hoping for a lot. If on the other hand your site
had some content that was of interest to people on a
daily or weekly basis, the traffic may return for a
second visit, albeit for the content. In time these
visitors do turn into shoppers.

Since it's unlikely that you are ready or in a position
to "add value" in terms of other interests to your
presence the route of an affiliate program may well be
the best suited means to advertise. In many cases
affiliate programs draw interest from site publishers
looking to add sponsors that fit their own content and
demographics. To reside on such sites has to be your
ultimate goal, as it is these sites that people will
"repeat visit" and be reminded or presented with your
ads and/or sponsorship. Finding the right affiliates,
mind you, is a task onto itself but there are programs
like Linkshare that do have affiliates signed up
looking for new programs most of the time. I do not
know what fees Linkshare charges but there are a others
out there as well.

After the initial investment you are then in a position
to run flights that are based on "results only" as you
can offer commissions on sales rather than driving
traffic in the more general way your are doing today. I
think banner campaigns work fine for many, but
generally sites that do well with them are looking more
for traffic generation than retail sales. An example?, whose advertising is solely based on
traffic numbers offering a free lotto game, which of
course, does have mass appeal and a CT rate over 10% on
many sites.

Their goals are different. To avoid boring everyone
I'll leave off here and hope others can add or subtract
from my comments:-).

Wayne Browning

Received on Fri May 12 2000 - 11:09:22 CDT


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