Re: Website Analysis

From: Anita Adamski <>
Date: Sat 13 May 2000 11:45:50 EDT

> I represent Happy Jack, Incorporated and our website
> address is Please visit our site
> and provide any feedback you can pertaining to any of
> the common measurable characteristics of a website. I
> look forward to your responses.
> Furthermore, I am constantly challenged by the best or
> optimal way to direct traffic to our site via online
> advertising. We are just wrapping up an ad campaign on
> that has proven to be only moderately
> successful. Despite what I felt was effective banner
> design, we generated click through ratios of well under
> one percent. seems generally good but here are
two points to consider: 1) can the copy on the center
panel of home page and just create a tag line letting
me know your site is for dogs (it is just dogs? there
is copy elsewhere about cats and horses...) Right now
that copy is too much to ask people to wade through. 2)
on the catalog page, can copy in center and replace
with search tools that are now floating around above.
Again, this solution is much kinder to your readers by
not wasting their time.

I'm not an expert on banner ad results, but I've read
less than one percent is normal, and that banners yield
significantly lower results than text links.

Perhaps you'd consider a contest instead, and then you
can post that game in pet discussion groups or visit
(for example) the American Kennel Association website
and see about posting it (for free) on forums and
bulletin boards. There must be breed sites too... you
see where I'm headed with this.

The game could be anything fun, the point being there
is a submission form with email address and a box to
click, "would you like to know when we run specials,"
and perhaps another box to click, "tell a friend about
our site/contest." Of course, contest could be once a
month and give away cash prize or a product.

Anita Adamski
Summit Marketing Enterprises

Received on Sat May 13 2000 - 10:45:50 CDT


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