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From: Philip Mak <mfraser_at_SEAS.GWU.EDU>
Date: Sat 13 May 2000 18:52:09 -0400 (EDT)

> I am looking into placing banner ads on some selected
> web sites. However, I wanted to know what the site
> stats were in terms of user sessions and views were per
> month before making contact. Is there any way one could
> find out stats on a particular web site before
> contacting the web master? Or is it still something
> private?

In general, this is not possible. However, some sites
let you do a free trial period, especially ones that
are new to the concept of putting up banners for profit
(if you ask them for a trial).

> And how does one verify the information these sites
> give out? I would appreciate any leads.

If they are displaying banners for your site already,

Have them load the banners from your webserver. This
way you will be able to track impressions and partial
impressions, rather than just clickthroughs.

If you can't get adequate verifiable information about
a site's visits per month, you could go for a contract
where the amount you pay depends on how many
clickthroughs or impressions you get.

-Philip Mak (

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Greetings everybody!

I am a media planner with an ad agency, and for the
last 6-8 months, have been working on developing
internet advertising plans for some of my clients.
There are some queries I have.

a) How does one decide upon a list of media vehicles
   to advertise on for X client? I know, content of
   the website (in relation to the product advertised)
   is important. And so are the numbers that the site
   claims to have reached....but is there any scientific
   way of planning this?

b) How do you judge your plan? In terms of say
   judging a traditional media plan, by reaching an 'x%'
   of your target audience, with 'y' AOTS. When I make
   an online media plan, how do i decide the net audience

c) After a plan has been executed, what is the best
   way to evaluate it? Is click thru's the only means
   to do so?

These questions have been bugging me to no end. Has
anyone gone thru' similar problems? Would appreciate
any help on the above stuff.

Thanks so much in advance.

Think Global
Act Random

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