Re: Impact of advertising/PR

From: Ilona Jerabek <>
Date: Tue 16 May 2000 10:18:44 -0400

> Does anyone have any experience/example of the impact
> that publicizing a URL has on the number of visitors
> that the site receives? The publicity could be in the
> the form of traditional media (print PR or
> advertising), online PR on related sites etc. etc.
> I would like to know of anyone who has recorded a %
> increase in the number of visitors that is attributable
> to the publicity and how long the effect lasts.

Hi Lee,

The percentage increase obviously depends on the number
of visitors you are currently receiving. For instance,
we were featured on .com with Mark Hamil (one of five
feature stories on a TV show) and experienced an
increase of a couple of thousand people within several
hours of the airing. With over 30,000 daily visitors,
this was a hardly noticeable increase--we were ready
for a huge "visitor attack" and not much happened.
However, if your traffic is low, you can double it by
advertising your URL on TV.

In general, TV features are good for your image but
short-lived in terms of traffic. Printed press,
especially magazines that people read over an extended
period of time generate more of a sustained traffic.

And with banner ads online, it's a totally different
story--the success depends on the design of the
banner, targetting, the quality of the site you
advertise on and above all, the quality of your site.
You might spend millions of dollars on banner
advertising, but if your site offers nothing but
shopping, people will have little incentive to return
(or stay on) your site). And the range is huge-- you
have sites with sticky content (such as Queendom with
70% of first-timers coming back) and you have sites
where the majority of visitors just come once; so when
the advertising stops, the traffic stops. So your
best shot, in my humble opinion, is to offer something
of substance, which will bring free media attention
and returning traffic once you start advertising.


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