Pricing Turn-key CRM Service

From: Lauren Bell <>
Date: Tue 16 May 2000 17:13:04 EDT

We have a client that developed a turn-key solution for
managing and executing Email marketing and Customer
Relationship Management programs. Our experience with
clients who retain us to do Opt-in Email broadcasts,
is that they usually want to retain some part of the
program in-house, and that part gets neglected. My
question is this:

How much would an E-commerce company pay for each part
of these services, knowing that it was happening under
one roof. Complete, turnkey, and customized to their
specific needs:

1. Strategy, recommendations, and creative.
2. Sourcing prizes, premiums, give-aways, etc.
3. Complete front-end and back-end legal.
4. Email broadcasting, list selection, etc.
5. Detailed analysis and follow-up recommendations.
6. Follow-up CRM program that polls, responds, and
    rewards new registrants.

Any ideas on how to price a service like this?


Lauren Bell

Received on Tue May 16 2000 - 16:13:04 CDT


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