Re: Planning and evaluating online advertising

From: Marlena Schwarz <>
Date: Tue 16 May 2000 18:19:55 -0400

> I am a media planner with an ad agency, and for the
> last 6-8 months, have been working on developing
> internet advertising plans for some of my clients.
> There are some queries I have...

Arti Buxi asked about online planning and

You should start planning online advertising the same
way you do traditional planning (when you say you work
at an ad agency I assume your company's primary
business is offline). You need to identify a target
and find the venues that reach them. You cannot infer
this based on looking at site content any more than
reading a magazine is a good way to know if your target
audience is going to be reached there.

To quickly and easily find out where to place online
media, you need to tell your bosses to pony up the
bucks to subscribe to a service like Media Metrix or
NetRatings, just like I'm sure your company subscribes
to Simmons, MRI and other data to help your ad agency
plan offline media.

As for measurement, click through is important if your
objective is lead generation or transactions (although
you can also measure actual leads/sales generated if
you have the right tools). You can also measure impact
on brand recall if you do pre and post research with a
company like Millward Brown (there are others too).

Again, this online stuff is not so different
strategically than "traditional". You still have to
think about strategy & objectives and get the right
tools to do the job. The big difference between online
& offline is knowing how to properly execute it all.
But that is another conversation entirely.


Marlena Schwarz
134 Fifth Avenue
NYC 10011

Received on Tue May 16 2000 - 17:19:55 CDT


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