Re: Impact of advertising/PR

From: wayne browning <>
Date: Wed 17 May 2000 20:08:29 +0500

> Does anyone have any experience/example of the impact
> that publicizing a URL has on the number of visitors
> that the site receives?

> The percentage increase obviously depends on the number
> of visitors you are currently receiving. ...
> And with banner ads online, it's a totally different
> story--the success depends on the design of the
> banner, targetting, the quality of the site you
> advertise on and above all, the quality of your site.

I can only second that emotion, well put Ilona.

Options can be licensing related content and building a
general interest or even specific interest section that
is updated very regularly. Sites have to look "lived
in" to steal a phrase.

Failing that, a wise advertising and traffic generating
option, is to sponsor a site that is related to the
retail products or services you sell and become
partners. Your role could remain as retailer, marketing
while your "content" partner can concentrate on
publishing , updating and evolving the "high interest"
presence. Most sites with good every day base traffic
do so by offering content of interest moreso than

Blending these two disciplines is ultimately what this
will all boil down to. We are of the opinion that if
all web sites were purely retail or ecommerce then the
on-line attention span and long term interest in the
internet would die off. Some wisdom is called for in
initial planning of a site's presence and it's longer
term goals and by extension associations.

Or maybe this is just all "Birdie Num-Nums"

Wayne Browning

Received on Wed May 17 2000 - 10:08:29 CDT


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