Re: Graphics Help

From: Tina Reed <>
Date: Wed 17 May 2000 20:34:04 -0400

> I am looking for some graphics help on my site. The
> site is The top graphic with the linking
> island seems to be too much. I have heard a lot of
> comments that it is to obtrusive. I don't think it is
> and I worked hard on it. Could I get some input?

> I actually am distracted by everything else on the
> site. But the linking island I like. I would much
> rather see it at the top of the page, where I can have
> access to it immediately. There were so many other
> things to click on, that it was distracting and
> difficult to find where to go.

Steve, I think you need to ask yourself what your
website goals are. Is it ad revenue, traffic, user
retention, sales revenue-- a combination? The layout
of the page should be designed with this in mind. I
don't think the island graphic is the main concern. We
need to look at the big picture.

I think Danielle is right, the navigation needs to be
visible on the first page if you want users to navigate
through the site. If you want them to click on a
banner ad, then it may be ok as it is, but I don't
think that's your primary goal. Also, you may want to
look at the home page with different resolutions and
monitor sizes. Meaningful content such as the purpose
of the site or benefit to the user needs to be seen
without scrolling. Otherwise, users will exit without
viewing the rest of the page.

Hope this helps,

Tina L. Reed
Internet Marketing & Website Evaluations
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(805) 654-1377

Received on Wed May 17 2000 - 19:34:04 CDT


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