Re: Impact of advertising/PR

From: Ramon Ray <>
Date: Thu 18 May 2000 07:58:25 -0400

> Does anyone have any experience/example of the impact
> that publicizing a URL has on the number of visitors
> that the site receives? The publicity could be in the
> the form of traditional media (print PR or
> advertising), online PR on related sites etc. etc.
> I would like to know of anyone who has recorded a %
> increase in the number of visitors that is attributable
> to the publicity and how long the effect lasts.

If your URL is advertised/mentioned in a medium where
the audience is very much interested in your URL
(service/product) then then the traffic will sky

I know that when McCain was running for the US Prez
slot his URL had a lot of traffic and at one point very
specifically when he won a key primary he was right
standing right next to his URL, as the media TV cameras
were running and his WEB master was quoted as saying a
huge increase came during that time.

   From personal experience, my URL has been mentioned
on the radio on a few occasions. The time it was on a
political talk show, not much increase, but the time it
was on a small business orientated type show a huge

Advertising is great, but unless you have sustainably
huge money - make sure it is very, very targeted.

Ramon Ray,,
Small biz tech analyst and consultant

///The VOICE and OASIS of small business technology
solutions and information///

Received on Thu May 18 2000 - 06:58:25 CDT


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