Re: Pricing Turn-key CRM Service

From: Katrina Bell <>
Date: Thu 18 May 2000 09:08:22 -0700

> We have a client that developed a turn-key solution for
> managing and executing Email marketing and Customer
> Relationship Management programs. Our experience with
> clients who retain us to do Opt-in Email broadcasts,
> is that they usually want to retain some part of the
> program in-house, and that part gets neglected. My
> question is this:

Hi Lauren.
 I have been looking at e-mail marketing & CRM software
packages. Examples of pricing on two programs I've
found that I like: E-Mail Marketing, is
running about $2000 for set up and $300/month for the
client I'm using them for. My client is doing mailings
in the 10-20K per month range. For CRM, we are
considering working with RightNow Web. They have an
amazing software package that starts at $30K for a 2
year license (per web site). None of this includes the
strategy, creative & execution that your services
imply. My company charges $125+ per hour for this type
of marketing for our web development clients. Hope
this helps.

Katrina Bell
Director of Marketing
Project Alpha, Inc.
"net solutions for tomorrow's economy"

Received on Thu May 18 2000 - 11:08:22 CDT


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