Re: Graphics Help

From: Beverly Davis <>
Date: Fri 19 May 2000 14:55:56 -0500

> I am looking for some graphics help on my site. The
> site is The top graphic with the linking
> island seems to be too much. I have heard a lot of
> comments that it is to obtrusive. I don't think it is
> and I worked hard on it. Could I get some input?

> I actually am distracted by everything else on the
> site. But the linking island I like. I would much
> rather see it at the top of the page, where I can have
> access to it immediately. There were so many other
> things to click on, that it was distracting and
> difficult to find where to go.

Steve: I tend to agree with Danielle that the first
page of your site is distracting. The island is great,
giving the visitor a sense of what you are about at the
same time providing clear site navigation. In my
opinion, home pages should encourage and direct the
visitor further into YOUR site, not that of others. If
you feel you must have banner ads on the home page,
place them at the bottom of the page so that the
visitor gets the full impact of the island graphic
before being bombarded with other places to go. Sell
yourself before you sell someone else!

Beverly Davis
Marketing Assistant
Tandy Brands Accessories
Arlington, Texas

Received on Fri May 19 2000 - 14:55:56 CDT


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