Re: A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking

From: Marlena Schwarz <>
Date: Sat 20 May 2000 09:51:38 -0400

> I would appreciate any suggestions beyond the basic
> meta tag, key word suggestions as well as any resources
> or services you have used and found highly successful.

Be sure to check out if you
haven't already, it's a great resource to learn all
about how search engines work and how to ensure you
have done everything you can to get a decent ranking.
There's also a handy tool that automatically checks
your ranking across major search engines, at:

Also, you really should educate whomever gave you this
assignment that you cannot guarantee the achievement of
a top ten ranking. Many executives I speak with think
they can assign someone to "just go and do it", but
this is not something you have total control over. You
should make your site as optimized for search engines
as possible, submit your site and cross your fingers.

And beware of vendors who say if you hire them they can
indeed *guarantee* a top ten position. Often they
either do what you can do yourself (and if you don't
have time this may be the way to go) or the less
scrupulous ones use tricks to manipulate the search
engines, some of which (like search engine "spamming")
is frowned upon by the major engines and can get your
site removed completely.

Hope this helps,


Marlena Schwarz
134 Fifth Avenue
NYC 10011

Received on Sat May 20 2000 - 08:51:38 CDT


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