Interactive Specialists - How Many and What Kind?

From: David Johnston <>
Date: Sat 20 May 2000 11:54:51 -0400

Hello everyone.

I am a principal in a traditional ad agency.

One of our clients is readying a major push into the
.com world and asked for help with Internet marketing.

Due to lack of staff, i.e. experience, we plan to
outsource all of those functions to specialists.

I know we will need everything from brand development,
to email programs, to Internet advertising and PR.

Which brings me to my question: Given the situation and
my leaning toward specialists rather the
one-stop-shopping; what should my line up look like? In
short, what kinds of shops and how many do I need?
Budgets are always an issue, but should not be a
problem in this case.

Or, am I crazy not to go the one-stop-shopping route?

Before you answer, I must tell you this: In the limited
number of _full service_ interactive agencies I
investigation, I found some amazing parallels to the
traditional agency world. Most claim to be _full
service_ when, in reality, they are quite good at only
one or perhaps two disciplines. For my client to be
successful I am going to need top guns across the

Any and all words of wisdom born of experience would be
greatly appreciated.


David Johnston
Mercury Advertising
(919) 832-0824 (Voice)
(919) 832-3121 (Fax)
2213 Oxford Hills Drive
Raleigh, NC 27608-1672

Received on Sat May 20 2000 - 10:54:51 CDT


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