Re: A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking

From: Lourdes de Llano <>
Date: Sun 21 May 2000 22:58:13 +0300

> I would appreciate any suggestions beyond
> the basic meta tag, key word suggestions

Hi David,

We provide this service for a reasonable fee, money
back guarantee. The downside is that it does take a
considerable amount of time. It can take up to 12 weeks
for you to see results and traffic. Its a long term
committment and requires constant work effort from our

The problem with getting listed is not only that the
competition is stiff (as stiff gets), its also that
Search Engines change their algorithms frequently, so
once you manage to get listed, they throw a wrench in
your program and you have to start all over again

I would recommend checking out Search Engine Watch.
There you will find updated information on how to
improve your ranking. . We
use S.E.W. to help us keep up on information as well.

Hope this helps.

Lourdes de Llano
New Paradigm Media
        ~ New Paradigm Media ~
Connecting the world to Latin Markets
from Spain to Mexico.

Received on Sun May 21 2000 - 14:58:13 CDT


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