Submitting Banner Ads

From: Amrit Hallan <amrit_h_at_VSNL.COM>
Date: Thu 25 May 2000 09:55:41 +0530

I have lurked here for months now, without uttering a
single world and assimilating tons of useful
information. I have just started my own business of
internet marketing and have decided to learn the ropes
as I move forward.

One of my clients already has a web site, and he wants
me to promote it heavily on the internet. In another
discussion list, where I participate in a regular
manner, we have been talking about the dying usefulness
of banner ads. First of all, I want to raise the topic
here too: Is it worthwhile using banner ads?

If I want to approach Altavista, Yahoo, or something of
that category, to submit my banner ads, how do I do it,
and how much do they charge?

Thanks in advance.
Amrit Hallan

Received on Wed May 24 2000 - 23:25:41 CDT


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