Re: Selling banners on a small site

From: Markus Schneider <>
Date: Fri 26 May 2000 11:43:52 +0200

> I have a low-traffic website (7000-8000 hits, resp.
> 2500-3000 visits per month). My question is, is it
> possible to earn money by selling space for banners
> etc. from such a site? Or what is the minimal site
> traffic from which one can earn some money?

Selling ads on a low-traffic website is possible - but
only if your content is special enough. It would be
perfect for you to have 2500-3000 visitors a month
coming to you for you giving them the latest news on
new developments in any specific subject field, let's
say, pc loudspeakers.

If you're the one to be trusted in pc lodspeakers
matters and your visitors will only come to you because
you know most about pc loudspeakers, then you will be
able to sell banner ads on your website to companies
dealing with pc loudspeakers or any other pc related

CPM can be quite high in this case, you could also
choose some appropriate affiliate programs, and there
you go. I won't probably make you rich, but you will be
able to pay your bills.

So if you're an expert on a certain topic, go vertical
and build your own niche portal. Collect the most
important links from the web, write articles that
really help your visitors, make the website easy and
slick, smooth colors, not too much ads, and then you
will also be able to attract some more visitors.

Best regards

Markus Schneider - the wings of the web - the metaguide
Some people collect stamps, we collect search
engines and directories.

Received on Fri May 26 2000 - 04:43:52 CDT


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