Re: A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking

From: Bill Johnson <>
Date: Fri 26 May 2000 10:17:25 -0400

> I have recently been given the assignment of getting
> the webpages for my company, and it
> subsidiary sites such as,
> listed in the top 10 of all the major search engines.

Hello David,

        You mentioned keyword placement in meta-tags,
which is necessary. However, very important ingredients
in the mix include keyword placement in the body text,
url, title, and description. But it's not just a matter
of placing keywords in these areas. One has to
determine the different algorithm that each search
engine uses to determine relevance. For instance, what
percentage of the title should the specific keyword
comprise to be top-ranked on Yahoo? What percentage of
the body text? The meta-tags? How many other words
should be in between each occurrence of your keyword?
Put too many of a certain word in any of these areas
and the search engine will view it as spamming. Include
too few and lose your top-ranking. To find the right
percentage, look at the sites that are already on top
of the search engines. Hopefully, you can find some
that haven't hidden their source code. Remember, the
algorithm for each search engine is different and often
changes for each engine.

        You will also want to submit a different page
for each keyword (not different versions of the same
page). Further, it is a good idea to use different
sub-domains that contain the keyword you're optimizing.

        David, I hope you have several hours every day
to commit to this project, because that's how long it
takes. Even after you get a top-ranking (if you get a
top-ranking), you'll still have to monitor your
positions on the search engines every day and re-submit
from time to time when your site loses its rankings
because of an algorithm change. That means re-writing
the pages you submit along with your meta-tags, title
and description.

        If you would like some help with this rather
daunting task, email me at
<> or give me a call at
877 5 GENIUS. My company specializes in this area and
can get the job done for you for very reasonable rates.

Peter J. Stein, President
Toll Free 1.877.5.GENIUS
Telephone: (877.543.6487)
Outside US: 305.899.8585
Fax: 305.892.2202

Received on Fri May 26 2000 - 09:17:25 CDT


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