Re: Frames & Search Engines

From: Miki Dzugan <>
Date: Tue 30 May 2000 18:41:07 -0500

> What problems do search engines have
> with the sites that have frames?


The problem with frames is that some of the search
engines do not understand the frame tags to get to the
pages that are displayed within the frame.

For those search engines and older browsers, there is a
noframes tag. The way the noframes tag works is that
the browsers that recognize and use frames ignore
whatever occurs between <NOFRAMES> and </NOFRAMES>. So,
you can put the body of an html page between those tags
which will be read by the older browsers and the frames
impaired search engines.

If there are any links to your other information pages
in that noframes section, it raises a whole new set of
issues. Rather than post a whole article on the
subject, let me refer you to the search engine bible
(Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch) at
where you will find a discussion of the complete

<shameless plug> Frames problems and opportunities are
also covered in my seminar on search engine positioning
which will soon be released on CD-ROM. </shameless

Miki Dzugan
MARKnETING, integrating the Net into your marketing.

Received on Tue May 30 2000 - 18:41:07 CDT


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