Re: about POP-UP advertising

From: Michael <>
Date: Thu 13 Jul 2000 09:52:45 +1000

> I recently registered with a free service that allows
> different levels of ads. I have received tons of hits,
> but no real success in sales. It works when someone
> visits a site.. then they leave and a window pops up
> with my site on it saying.. a word from our sponsors.
> Does this work over the long run? It has already
> started to snowball I have had over a thousand hits in
> my first day, and it increases more and more over
> time. Has anyone had experience with these types of
> services?

Hi Stephen,

We tried pop-ups.. not for ads but for an instant
messaging service - We found
they had to download fast or be perceived that way (as
the pop-up is the secondary download - therefore takes
longer). People have become used to clicking off
pop-ups in the usual place - we would generate 20,000
user sessions but around 100 or so registrations.

what we did was to make the pop-up appear in a spot on
the desktop that the user was not used to... in the
bottom right corner.. so by the time their eye tracked
to the pop-up the whole pop-up page had had time to
load.. this worked much better.

Plus I would suggest making your pop-up's
interactive... Actually I wonder if long copy would
have an effect on generating more hard responses?

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