Re: Summer Time Blues

From: Janet Attard <>
Date: Tue 18 Jul 2000 23:58:41 -0400

> I have noticed that my site's traffic is declining over
> the summer months. I wonder if other people have
> noticed the same on theirs. Does anyone have any good
> ideas on how get over the summer time blues?

There are seasons online just like there are in any
other industry. Summer can be slow - particularly the
end of June and July. Remember, you have a bunch of
"hidden competitors" for visitors - those are things
that compete for their time - mostly family events, end
of season activities, little league games, graduations,
etc. Then, there's vacation time and relaxation time ..

But a suggestion or two..

What you need to do is to give people a reason to make
time to come to your site. And to spread the word - and
to get your artists to help spread the word.

One way is to get your artists to give you names of
their local newspapers. Send out (or have them send
out) press releases announcing their availability on
your site for people who miss them at art shows. Also,
if you don't have it now, you might want to prepare
handouts that they could use to distribute at offline
art shows telling people where to find them after the
show if they want to make a purchase. A one-page
flier with your web site logo on it and room to put in
their information might work.

You might try organizing some of your art regionally,
too, if the programming isn't too expensive, and then
have regional online art shows. Promote those to papers
in various regions.

One other possibility: if you don't have it, put
together a tips on buying art FAQ. Promote that to
online and offline media as well as to your own opt-in

Good luck.

--Janet Attard, author
The Home Office and Small Business Answer Book
Business Know-How: An Operational Guide For Home-Based
and Micro-Sized Businesses
AOL Keyword: Business Know-How

Received on Tue Jul 18 2000 - 22:58:41 CDT


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