Re: Direct Marketing: Snail Mail vs Email

From: Chris Lenois <>
Date: Wed 26 Jul 2000 13:33:31 -0500

> We plan to bring out a database of certain information
> about companies, which will only be public information
> gathered from their web sites, and aimed to be to their
> advantage. We would like to introduce our service to
> the companies, inviting them to see their info on the
> database, to see what advantages it holds and inviting
> them to subscribe to our service (keeping their info on
> our site).
> We see ourselves as not spamming as we customize every
> e-mail to the exact address of the company on our
> database. The main question is how does the corporate
> world perceive the less personal e-mail to a personal
> letter.


It's not the addressing that will get you in trouble
for spamming. It will be the content of your message.

Your e-mail has a good chance at being well received as
long as the substance of the email focuses on what's
valuable to the person you're sending it to. When we
do these campaigns on our clients behalf, we make sure
to emphasize the value of the content and downplay the
commercial element. It sounds like you can do just that
by giving your prospects a peek into the database.

Good luck

Vice President, Internet Publicity Services
The Tenagra Corporation

Received on Wed Jul 26 2000 - 13:33:31 CDT


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