Re: Ad/Page view question

From: Shankar Jha <>
Date: Thu 27 Jul 2000 12:31:50 +0530

> Q. When you buy ad space from a website on say 10$ CPM,
> do you get a guarantee on the number of ad/page views
> on that site? If 'yes', who gives this guaranty - the
> website or the agency [doubleclick24/7, etc.]?
Hi Arup,
The CPM is cost per thousand impressions. An impression
is recorded by the server everytime a browser/client
requests (aka 'hit') for a web page, whether the page
and YOUR ad is completely loaded is not taken into
account. Thus there can be no gaurantee.

However, If you ask the website or the agency for a
Valid hit/hit ratio (most will be reluctant to
provide) then you can get a good idea as to how many
of your impressions are getting wasted.

FYI, Valid hits are those hits which result in the page
being completely loaded on the browser (text,
graphics, ad's et all)

The online advertising industry is still in the nascent
stage in India, it is up to us to shape how the
advertisers (agencies and websites) account for our ad

Hope this will be of use to you,
Shankar Jha

Received on Thu Jul 27 2000 - 02:01:50 CDT


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