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From: Ramon Ray <>
Date: Thu 27 Jul 2000 21:07:04 -0400

There are so many reports that come out and I am very
skeptical of them, but I saw this in the Internet
Advertising Report of and I KNOW it's

Banner Ad Frequency = Branding,2171,12_424731,00.html
[July 27] A study by Dynamic Logic shows the benefits
of showing a banner ad to a single person more than
four times.

It's true that click through rates may be falling or at
a minimum, however, I can sure say that those
advertisers that can consistently advertise (this does
take a lot of money) online will surely reap rewards.
If not in direct sales, then for sure in awareness.

I occasionally go to - what's an ad I see there
frequently? IBM. Let's take Double Click - where do
THEY ALWAYS advertise? In this list, I-Advertising,
Clickz, I-Sales and other places. Their brand is
planted on my mind.

BurstMedia is another great example, I heard about them
from someone else but then after about the 10th or
whatever time I saw their ad in Clickz - I "CLICKED"
over and retained them to serve my own ads!

Ramon Ray,
Small business technology news and info that's....different

Received on Thu Jul 27 2000 - 20:07:04 CDT


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