Re: Seth Godin's new book

From: Jim Carlini <>
Date: Fri 28 Jul 2000 01:04:16 -0700

> He says, "Word of mouth dies out, but ideaviruses keep
> growing and spreading." Then he says "Nike does know
> that even the best idea has a short half-life."
> Which is it, "keeps growing" or "short half-life?"...

After reading Godin's concepts, I have to agree with
Keith. Too many people are taking on the role of a
Buzzword Institute - re-hashing and "architecting"
management newspeak to impress people with re-naming
the obvious into some visionary garbage. Some of the
percentages and marketshare predictions that he uses
from "authoritative" consulting firms are as accurate
as a weather forecaster's numbers.

Go back and read some of the visionary predictions that
some of these firms predicted a couple of years ago and
see if they were always on the money.

He must have wrote this before the NASDAQ burped in
Spring when the dot.coms took a beating. Investors are
looking for solid results and real profits now-not
lofty "new economy" speak that focuses on future
earnings potential or global potentials that sound like
a multi-level marketing pitch.

The only fact I see from my perspective, is when these
new companies don't deliver what they promised -
lawsuits usually blossom from irate customers that
bought off on the sizzle and now want a big piece of
the hide.

Bad "Ideaviruses" can be quickly cured by the powerful
"litigation vaccine".

James Carlini
Carlini & Associates, Inc.
(Strategic Information Technology
Consultants & Litigation Support)

Received on Fri Jul 28 2000 - 03:04:16 CDT


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