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From: Nick Wreden <>
Date: Sat 05 Aug 2000 11:28:20 -0400

> 1. The cost of one additional email to a person in the
> USA who is not paying for connect time is zilch. In any
> case, an email takes half a second or less of connect
> time.

Many responded vehemently to this thought, essentially
saying that unsolicited email cost them, not only in
connect time but also system administration and even

It's the tip of a larger iceberg: Who owns the ability
to connect to you, and to what extent can they use
your tools to do that? Take cookies. It's your
computer, and your hard drive. Like spam, is there a
right for others to use the technology you paid for,
without compensation and often without telling you?
You pay for subscriptions to multiple magazines. Can
others profit from this information, again without
your knowledge, and without any gain to you?

Yes, there's an issue of privacy involved. But it also
involves property rights. How far do we want to go in
letting others using our time and tools without even
acknowledging the cost to us?

Nick Wreden
Author of "FusionBranding:
Building An International Internet Brand"

Received on Sat Aug 05 2000 - 10:28:20 CDT


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