Respectable opt-in dedicated e-mail response rates

From: Joe Frisz <>
Date: Sun 01 Oct 2000 15:56:10 -0500

Dear colleagues,

I am starting an advertising campaign for my web site
and I have really appreciated the feedback you have all
given me in your postings.

Besides banners, another popular form of on-line
advertising is called "Opt-in Dedicated E-Mails". It
is probably familiar to many of you under other terms,
but its basically direct e-mailing to companies or
individuals who have solicited your service. For
example, if a company or individual has solicited
information on financial services, an investment firm
will send an advertisement on an e-mail usually
attached to an e-newsletter.

Any idea what a repectable reponse for this kind of
marketing is? It seems to me that an appropriate
estinmate is 1-3%, but I would like to know what your
opinions are.

Thanks for your help,

Joseph R. Frisz
Director of Marketing
Merchant Data Systems
Ph: 305-576-2020
Fx: 305-576-8001

Received on Sun Oct 01 2000 - 15:56:10 CDT


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