Re: Ad Network Revenue

From: Jim Reardon <>
Date: Wed 04 Oct 2000 22:04:47 -0500

At 03:44 PM 10/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a site with about 2 million page views a month.
>I have been running Valueclick CPC ads on my site while
>my traffic has been ramping up, but I think I'm now
>ready to join the Doubleclick or 24/7 networks as a

You waited too long! Many "bulk" networks will consider
you for CPM deals when you're getting 100-200,000
pageviews a month. The larger networks, such as
DoubleClick or 24/7, require around 1,000,000 (so you
should be fine).

The CPM you get all depends on how well they can sell
your site. I know someone that recently canceled their
24/7 contract because they were pulling in around $.20 CPM
(before commission). Your best bet is trial and error --
see what works for YOU and what your results are, and stick
with what works. Here's a few networks I'd suggest trying
out (also note I'd insist on CPM sales and non-exclusive
contracts): (owned by DoubleClick. I run their ads
  and earn about $1 CPM). (I've heard good things, but they charge
  a rather steep setup fee).

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