Re: Ad Network Revenue

From: Shane Sacobie <>
Date: Wed 04 Oct 2000 22:23:12 -0500
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) JAMES N <> WROTE:

>I have a site with about 2 million page views a month.
>I have been running Valueclick CPC ads on my site while
>my traffic has been ramping up, but I think I'm now
>ready to join the Doubleclick or 24/7 networks as a

Based on our experience, you may well be better off with
Valueclick than 24/7, especially if you've got a site that
does well on click throughs. In the past, I'd have said
differently, but 24/7 has had a very bumpy year, so you'll
probably want to wait before getting involved in a 1-year

I have no personal experience with Doubleclick, though I
can pass on some of the information I've learned about them
from the ad community. I have heard nothing but good things
about Doubleclick Select and have heard they are very
successful working with sites that have at least 7.5 million
monthly page views.

I've heard pretty much split comments regarding Network and
mostly negative comments regading Sonar (most likely, your
site would fall into the category of Sonar). Here's a post
regarding negative experiences with them: . Of note,
this was from March, and Sonar was just getting started back
then, so maybe that had something to do with it (rampup
period, new inventory). Even though I've heard stories
regarding low payouts for smaller sites, it'd be interesting
to hear an update on the situation as to what's going on
currently (have there been improvements?). Jim at Amusive
mentioned he would follow up on this, so maybe he can shed
some light.

I think a stumbling block you may hit is size with either
of these networks, as well as some of the other larger
networks. 24/7's currently posted minimum requirement is
2 million page views per month, though I have heard they've
raised that to 3 million. Doubleclick's minimums, which are
hard to pin down exactly, seem to range from 100,000 (Sonar)
to 2-5 million (Network, though the lower end seems to be
on the rise) to 5-10 million (Select). (We did not hear back
from them, despite 15 million monthly page views and a
seemingly interested rep.)

Hope this helps (okay, so I'm hoping I didn't just raise a
slew of new questions, too... but fire away if needbe :).

Shane Sacobie
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Received on Wed Oct 04 2000 - 22:23:12 CDT


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