Press release distribution advice

From: Ramon Ray <>
Date: Wed 04 Oct 2000 22:29:47 -0500

I've sent a few press releases on behalf of and have noticed
some traffic increase, but to get reporters to cover
your story - takes personal phone calling and a

>My company is starting a marketing campaign Oct. 1st
>and we are going to invest a little money in press

Just sending a press release by itself is most likely
NOT going to get you on the front page of the NY Times
or etc - UNLESS it's really some earth shattering news.

You should really schmooze and target your p-release
to local reporters who you want coverage from. But
remember - make it something JUICY and NEWSY!

>Most of the companies distribute them internationally
>which is a waste to us when we only target Southern
>California. Does anyone have any ideas
>about how we can more closely target our market?

BizWire, Internet News Bureau, and PRNewswire can
distribute p-release by several different levels of
geographic distribution - metro area, state, US
regions and etc.

Check out

>Also I'd like some feedback on how press releases have
>worked for other companies that aren't neccesarily
>Fortune 500 but may have something news worthy to

I don't think the key is so much if you're Fortune 500 or
not (except that they have money to spend to hire people
to network with reporters and craft a message) But thanks
to the 'net you press release will end up in the news
section of major portals that get BizWire / PRNewswire
feeds. Those who have "news alerts" set up will get your
press release if it contains keywords that they've set up.

>And lastly has anyone had any experience with
>multimedia press releases? We just developed a video
>press kit and are thinking about putting a portion of
>it on the web for viewing. Thanks!

Again, unless reporters really need the info, a video
press kit is probably a waste of time. UNLESS what you
have is revolutionary and really will catch the eye and
ears. If you're CEO is just going to talk for an hour -
skip the press kit. But if you've got some really cool
jumping widgets that automatically move - go ahead and
put it up on your site!!!!

All the best.

Ramon Ray,
Author, "Small Business Technology Survival Guide" @

Received on Wed Oct 04 2000 - 22:29:47 CDT


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