Re: clipping services

From: Lynda Partner <lpartner_at_GotMarketing.Com>
Date: Fri 06 Oct 2000 12:41:03 -0500

> We are considering hiring a clipping service to track
> the success of our PR campaigns. I would appreciate
> any information about the pricing we can expect, your
> experiences with this kind of service, as well as any
> recommended companies that provide clipping service.

Clipping Services are mandatory if you want to measure
the "success" of a PR campaign. They come in a few
forms, but most people consider print clipping and web
clipping essential. Print clipping has been around for
a long time, but web clipping is relatively new. It
often overlaps print by up to 80%, and most
importantly, its results can be delivered much more
quickly to your inbox. It will also save you a ton of

We have researched 9 web-based clipping services - they
range from $99 per month for unlimited articles
('s InfoWatch), to another group at
around $250 per month plus a per article fee. Look
closely at the per article fee structure, that's where
things really add up.

We've used most of these and evaluated them using 10
different attributes - from ease of use to length of
storage of articles and more. I am happy to share this
if anyone wants to contact me directly.

Lynda Partner
Do-it-Yourself eMarketing Tools

Received on Fri Oct 06 2000 - 12:41:03 CDT


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