Re: Ad network revenue

From: Scott Birkeland <>
Date: Mon 09 Oct 2000 11:12:19 -0500

> I have a site with about 2 million page views a month.
> I have been running Valueclick CPC ads on my site while
> my traffic has been ramping up, but I think I'm now
> ready to join the Doubleclick or 24/7 networks as a
> publisher.
> You waited too long! Many "bulk" networks will consider
> you for CPM deals when you're getting 100-200,000
> pageviews a month. The larger networks, such as
> DoubleClick or 24/7, require around 1,000,000 (so you
> should be fine).

I agree with Jim on taking too long to take advantage
of the 24/7's of the industry but I don't know if that
will be your answer . The 2 sites I represented were
MyFamily and At the beginning we had
Flycast selling some of the remnant inventory which we
were averaging believe it or not $2 to $5 CPM. On rare
occasion they would make a more targeted sale for a
little more. As the page views increased they dumped
Flycast in favor of 24/7 and others. The most they
received out of the others was $.20 CPM. Read that
correctly, that is not $20.

When I left they were franticly trying to put Flycast
back up to see if they couldn't repeat what was
previously done. Whatever you decide to do, don't
expect too much. It would be interesting to know if
you sold anything on your own and what the avgerage
click through rate is and how your advertisers felt
about their campaigns.

As for DoubleClick my only experience has been that
they are on the top of what they do. Who and where are
you? The bottom line is if it works they will work it
and if not then you will end up getting the $1.00 and
less buys that any company will end up buying on any

I would personally do it myself and give a network
possibly some if not any at all of the inventory.
MyFamily and Ancestry made more money doing this than
the other way. Anyone can sell a $.20 CPM. I can give
you contacts right now that will at least pay $2 to $3
CPM. Good Luck in what ever you decide.

Scott Birkeland
Scenic Backroads
Director, Sales

Received on Mon Oct 09 2000 - 11:12:19 CDT


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