Re: New ad server system

From: Michael Martinez <>
Date: Mon 09 Oct 2000 11:22:24 -0500

> I'd be interested to hear about any technical issues
> which have affected ad serving software in the past, as
> well as any functionality wish-lists, to make our
> system the best around. Perhaps if you can present us
> with a technical issue we can solve it to our mutal
> benefit.

The one thing that most causes me grief in remote
banner systems is the timeout factor. If the server
won't timeout quickly, my pages won't load. I don't
care how much money the other guy loses, *I* lose
traffic when the page just sits there trying to load
an ad from a server that won't or can't comply.

Is it a problem with the Internet? I don't think so.
I'm running code from 3 or 4 services right now, and
only 1 of them consistently drags down my pages'
performance. I'm sure it's a server-side issue. I did
have ads from another service for about a month that
had similar problems. I've heard similar complaints
from other people about both services (which I see no
point in naming).

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