Re: Affiliate Program Management Decision

From: Michael Martinez <>
Date: Tue 10 Oct 2000 14:22:34 -0500

> 3rd party service questions:
> Who out there has experience or thoughts on Commission
> Junction as a service? I need input regarding their
> reputation or direct experience as an affiliate and
> merchant. Your confidential feedback or input directly
> to me is fine at if you prefer
> not to post publicly on this forum. (I need honest
> feedback - good or bad - before I pay $1000 and commit
> our fast-growing company to a year's contract.)

I signed up with Commission Junction earlier this year.
Haven't earned any money with them, but then, the
service I signed up for (newsfeeds from Moreover.Com)
isn't one I expected to make money off of. It was a
choice of give them free referrals or maybe make a
buck or two if someone actually signed up for the
service by clicking on the links. So far, I haven't
earned enough commission to get a check, but that
wasn't my goal.

On the other hand, signing up with Commission Junction
was a nightmare. I get all the sob stories, I guess.
But they took their server down the very hour I tried
to sign up, and it was something like two weeks later
before I got the account established. That followed
up several emails, a phone call, and several attempts.
They had upgraded their service and as upgrades go it
was a typical one, I guess. I don't know of any
problems since then and I can't really say whether I
would recommend them or not.

> Regarding the in-house software... Some discussion on
> the following points would be interesting:
> 1) Advantages and disadvantages of in-house affiliate
> program management vs. outsourcing.

If link popularity with search engines is important to
you, you absolutely have to give that some weight in
your considerations. That is, with a 3rd-party
service, all the links on your affiliate/associate
sites go to the service provider's domain, not yours.
If you run your own affiliate/associate software,
however, all the links go to your domain.

Search engines like Google, Altavista, and Inktomi like
that (for now). Google powers the secondary searches
for Yahoo! (and Google is currently my top referring
search service, but your mileage may vary). Altavista
has been used by some other services but they are
changing their business plan. Inktomi lost a major
account when Google supplanted it at Yahoo! but they
still provide results to MSN and many other search

I'm afraid I cannot help you with questions 2 and 3.

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