Re: who do you trust? - a mea culpa on the issue

From: Carmen Paulino <>
Date: Tue 10 Oct 2000 15:59:35 -0500

Chip Canty said in a recent post:
> . . . we too have long doubted the fairness and
> accuracy of some reports we receive as a publisher. . .
> I cited a recent case where Flycast and AdFlight seemed
> to be counting the same impressions, but Flycast's
> count fell way short. Problem is, the mistake was ours,
> not Flycast's.

I had intended to respond to your Flycast example,
Chip, but got overly busy on some deadlines and that
ended my good intentions. My following comments are
from the perspective of the advertiser (not ad

I was suprised to hear that Flycast was misreporting.
Just to support your new findings, we have a quite
accurate proprietary tracker and have always found
Flycast's reporting to be one of the best and most
reliable on the Internet. We have yet to doubt any of
Flycast's reports because they never have more than an
infinitesimally small deviation from our tracker, if at
all - and this is to be expected given all of the
possible variables. Glad to hear it was just an
inadvertent oversight. On the other hand, we do see
eyebrow-raising deviations between our tracker and that
of other 3rd party servers. Except for complaining and
standing our ground, there doesn't appear to be much we
can do about it for now, at least not until we get
industry accepted standards and perhaps even policing
of some sort. This is a problem some ad agencies are
collectively addressing behind the scenes on behalf of
our clients - rest assured, the issue is being
addressed! It's also a concern I see brought up by
marketers and advertisers on other discussion lists.
Time will tell.

Best regards,


Carmen Paulino
Interactive Advertising

Received on Tue Oct 10 2000 - 15:59:35 CDT


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