Re: Ad Network Revenue

From: Shane Sacobie <>
Date: Wed 11 Oct 2000 13:55:54 -0500
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) BRAD JENSEN <> WROTE:
> What are defaults? Are you saying that if they don't
> have an ad to serve for you, they will redirect to some
> other address you give them?

Depends on the network, the agreement, and the
technology. In the case of Burst and some others, they
will allow you to redirect an ad to another network or
to yourself (house banners or internal ad sales) so you
can still make use of the ad. Companies that do this
will use whatever info you provide for the defaults, so
you can use defaults from pretty much any non-exclusive
company who will provide you with an image and click
through url. Each of the systems seems to have its
little quirks (i.e. Burst's cache-busting technology is
very odd, and figuring it out isn't always possible).
Some networks such as 24/7 serve up Public Service
Announcements when they have nothing available.

Then there are those who do a 100% sellout, but they
won't be doing that for very long in most cases because
it's impossible to maintain that pace if the network's
growing faster than the ad sales efforts. Granted,
there wouldn't be such of an issue with defaults and
poor revenue production if many of the major players in
the ad network market didn't expand so ridiculously
fast they couldn't handle demand... but that's another
discussion altogether.

Shane Sacobie
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Received on Wed Oct 11 2000 - 13:55:54 CDT


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