Re: Spam as a result of advertising

From: Alex Buchnev <>
Date: Wed 11 Oct 2000 14:43:59 -0500

> Recently, more than ever I have been a victim of
> Spam. I find that I must spend a considerable amount
> of time sorting through the junk.

I guess you got into the FFA trap. Most FFA pages exit
with the single purpose of spamming those who places
ads on them.

NEVER, EVER give your real email address when
submitting to FFA pages. Get a free web-based one and
let them send their junk there.

Once they have your address, the only thing you can do
(yeah, that's a pessimistic approach) is minimize the
time you spend on it.

Don't bother deciding whether it's legal for them to
send you junk. It's not, whatever the law says.

Don't try to opt-out. These addresses are almost ALWAYS
invalid. Don't waste time on filters. They won't help
(unless you filter your mail for messages you DO want).

Just delete it. Fast. As soon as you see a message from
someone you don't know, on subject you don't
understand, trash it! Save your time, your eyes and
your nerves.

With time, spam will wear off - if only you don't give
your email to spammers again.

That's why, be extremely careful about giving your
email to anyone - ANYONE - on the Web. Just give your
free one. If it proves OK, you can always submit your
real address later.

Maybe I'm paranoid. But I've managed to keep my primary
email address 100% SPAM FREE - I mean, not a single
unsolicited email! - for over a year! At the same time,
my several junk boxes get about 200 pieces a day.

Dear Allen (if you're still reading)! Your problem is
not about effective advertising. It's about caution.

Sorry for taking so much of your time.

Alex Buchnev
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Received on Wed Oct 11 2000 - 14:43:59 CDT


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