Re: serving on behavioral data

From: Tom G Lanman <>
Date: Thu 12 Oct 2000 11:14:02 -0500

> Is there an adserving software (that can target on
> site behavioral data?), that could be used to setup an
> adnetwork, other than the add-ons of engage etc.
> something that is reasonably priced. can you help?


I am impressed with the term 'Behavioral Targeting.'
Sounds good. Sounds complicated and, more to the
point, limiting prospective buyers. Someone that had
no interest in a certain product or service before may
now have a great interest. Being a new fan of
whatever this consumer suddenly likes may very well
eliminate you from catching the folks that will spend
the most money for one ship. Ex: I decide to start
skiing at forty, however you do not have that
information because I have never been targeted. I buy
the whole works for a bunch of money and if I am
happy, I come back.

There is no intent to criticize here. It is just an
angle I see that might be taken into consideration.

ODAAT, (One Day At A Time),
And God Bless You and yourn,

Tom G.

Received on Thu Oct 12 2000 - 11:14:02 CDT


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